Edible Landscape

An array of tropical and subtropical fruiting plants framing a nature-inspired stream and mini-pond.

Elegant Backyard Oasis

A water feature, fruit plants, flowers, and flagstone combined to make a backyard oasis. 

Three-Falls Ecosystem Pond

An ecosystem pond with natural-looking three-falls waterfall feature. 

Compact Ecosystem Pond

A compact ecosystem goldfish pond with bio-waterfall-filter and fish caves.

Raised Garden Block Pond

An attractive garden block raised pond and bio-waterfall with built-in bench and fire feature. 

Split-Stream Water Feature

An ecosystem goldfish and turtle pond with island, multiple waterfalls, and connecting streams.

Cascading Waterfall

An ecosystem koi pond with a cascading waterfall integrated into the existing hardscape. 

Planted Pond

A unique pond with uncommon plants and a tree stump waterfall feature.

Pondless Waterfall

Pondless waterfall designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding mountain landscape.

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