Water Features

Ecosystem Ponds

Bring beauty and life to your backyard with an ecosystem pond. 

Pond and Permaculture Design nature-inspired ponds are self-sustaining and require very little maintenance so you can sit back and enjoy your backyard oasis. Our biological filtration systems ensure your pond stays clean, naturally. Attract pollinators and other wildlife with stunning water iris and lily blooms. Ask us how ecosystem ponds provide excellent utilitarian opportunities such as fish farming and integrated aquaponic systems. 

Pondless Waterfalls 

Capture all of the serenity of a gentle babbling brook, or the tranquility of cascading falls without the large body of water. 

Pond and Permaculture Design pondless waterfalls are recirculating systems that recycle water from an underground reservoir to the top of your waterfall. Enjoy the sound as water makes its way around colorful aquatic plants, over boulders, and “disappears” into the earth. Let us help you decide whether a pond or pondless waterfall is best for you. 


Enhance your front or backyard with a variety of fountains and just a splash of water. 

Pond and Permaculture Design custom and manufactured fountains are great for small spaces or near entrances to greet visitors. Enjoy the sound of burbling water and attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. Ask us how we can integrate a water harvesting system for an aesthetic means of collecting and storing rainwater. 

Water Harvest Systems

Collect, filter, and store rainwater with traditional or ornamental systems. 

Pond and Permaculture Design ornamental rainwater harvesting systems utilize a revolutionary design that combines a decorative water feature with an out-of-sight, underground storage system. Easily connect your stored water to your irrigation system for use in the garden. 

Aquaponic Systems

Grow vegetables and flowers while raising aquatic livestock in one system. 

Pond and Permaculture Design aquaponic systems can be stand-alone systems or integrated in a pond or other water feature. Enjoy a stylish, well-functioning system that can be a highly-productive and decorative feature in your garden.