Food Gardens

Elegant Edible Landscapes

Balance a landscape that is equally distinguished and delicious.

Pond and Permaculture Design edible landscapes can provide food for you and your family while enhancing the beauty of your property. Beyond standard wooden garden beds and rows of fruit trees, food producing plants can also be utilized just like ornamental plants in traditional aesthetic-focused landscape design. 

Organic Gardening

Grow food and medicine organically! Taste the difference in fruits, nuts, herbs, and vegetables that are more nutrient-dense. 

Pond and Permaculture Design takes the extra steps to ensure you can rest easy knowing exactly what you and your family are consuming at your dinner table. Ask about our non-toxic-treated lumber, organic soil mixes, natural fertilizers, composts, pest-repellents, mulches, and more organic gardening practices. 

Food Forests

Go all in with a food forest. Dedicate all or a portion of your front and backyard to producing food. 

Pond and Permaculture Design food forests ensure high yields by prioritizing soil and plant health. Dense and strategic planting of fruit and nut trees, mixes of annual and perennial crops, and layers of mulch can maximize yield by replicating the diversity and resiliency of a natural forest. 

Shade Houses 

Protect your vegetables and herbs from pests and sun scorch. 

Pond and Permaculture Design shade houses are aesthetically pleasing walk-in structures. A sunny, warm-region cousin to the greenhouse, shade houses act to protect your crops from excessive sun exposure and pests.   

Compost Systems

Reduce waste and create nutrient-rich compost perfect for your garden. 

Pond and Permaculture Design three-bay compost systems allow you to turn your family's kitchen scraps and plant debris into soil and organic fertilizer for your garden. If space is limited, ask about our underground composting systems-- out of sight and effective systems integrated throughout your garden